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All of our telescopes are carefully handcrafted, made with the highest quality and precision optics

Ultra Lightweight Mobile Telescope - AR Gemini

Ultra Lightweight Mobile Telescope - AR Gemini

  • Aperture: 300mm f/5 ; 355mm f/4.5 ; 400mm f/4.2 ; 460mm f/4; 500mm f/4
  • High quality wooden alt-azimuthal mount
  • Collapsible truss design, six tube
  • Astonishing mobility, lightweight dobsonian mount
  • Assembly without tools
  • Easy and fast collimation
  • No need of a ladder for observations

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Custom Options

With the possibility to change and customize every element to your liking, as well as to use parts provided by the client

  • Optional change of the finderscope
  • Optional change of the secondary mirror
  • Optional change of the focuser
  • Optional change of the focal length and focal ratio
  • Optional change of the color
  • Optional change of another element

Dobsonian telescopes combine the advantages of the optical system from the classic Newtonian telescope reflector with a firm and stable, but extremely simple and easy to use Dobsonian frame. This simplified mechanical design of the alt-azimuth mount was popularized by the amateur astronomer John Dobson and gained much popularity amongst those interested in astronomy. Thanks to this functional design it’s possible to create a large yet easy to use, easy to move and cheap telescope for all sorts of enthusiasts. This model telescopes are optimized not only for lunar and planetary observations, but also for viewing deep space: star clusters, nebulas, galaxies. These types of observation require large aperture (lens diameter) and that is why the affordable price of the Dobsonian mount, make this telescope the perfect solution for all astronomy lovers. Our simple and collapsible design of our telescopes, allow one to easily take them to any location, where city lights and pollution can’t ruin the experience. Due to the indisputable advantages of this type of telescope, a number of large manufacturers also produce telescopes "Dobson" and market them.

The Dobsonian telescope is what gave way to the boom in amateur astronomy and made it possible to buy a powerful, but affordable telescope, with the same performance as an expencive professional made model.

Don’t be hesitant, this is the telescope for you!

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