I would like to take a moment to tell you about the gathering at Krivonos.

The thing that impresses me with our club members is that everyone is nice and fun to be around 😀

But let me share with you what really impressed me about out gathering. In first place I have to put Tsvetan’s telescope. It’s hard to believe such a thing EXISTS, it’s not something extremely massive and obtrusive, rather it sits there elegantly and calmly, as though it is confident in its glory.

When I first touched it and felt the wood, the feeling was very nice, unique quality, I had never touched such a well-made piece of wood. The paint itself was not only very beautiful, but it looked as though it had been applied several times and as a result we had an evenly distributed crimson fantasy 😀 The curves of all the parts, their sizes, and the way the whole beast is moved, even at magnification of 160X, really goes to show you that everything was thought through very carefully and crafted to perfection. The pipes were covered with microporous rubber which is not only very comfortable but a pure SAVIOR in the cold winter days when your hands freeze touching metal.

I’ve never been a fan of reflectors, but THIS “thing” made me sit in awe and scratch my head 😀 The fact that it’s been 2-3 days and I’m still thinking about this telescope, shows that I’m pure damn psyched 😀 😀 😀 When I close my eyes I still see M13 … Guys I have thousands of hours of watching the stars, BUT I’ve NEVER seen such a beauty. All the guys in the club had a blast throughout the whole night, it was as though we had Han Solo’s ship with us and we were heading to the never-ending Cosmos.

Well that’s it, you just can’t describe what you see.

Date of Posting: 28 July 2016
Posted By: Hector
“Stellar society”, Sofia