Astronomical Telescopes and Telescope Mirrors

Telescope Mirrors


Making a high quality telescope mirror is a complex and delicate process that need highly skilled work from experts in this field. Our parabolic telescope mirrors are made using a unique precision computer-controlled method and the whole manufacturing process is controlled by interferometric tests. All this guarantees the achievement of excellent quality of the optical surface with balanced edges, absence of zones and smooth surface. The indicator for quality Strehl is always more than 95%, usually 97% – 98% as you can see here.

Reflecting Telescopes


Our astronomical telescopes “Gemini” combine the advantages of the classic Dobsonian mount, but with an improved, lightweight and easy to assemble truss design. The advantages of open design are well known – low weight, mobility, fast tempering of the primary mirror,  low space for transportation and storage. Our astronomical telescopes are made of high quality finely processed plywood. Every detail of the telescope is well thought out and precisely made. The fact that the main mirror is also made by us is a guarantee for the excellent quality of the optical system of our telescopes.

Optical Tests


Interferometric tests are the most accurate and reliable tests that give an objective assessment of the optical system. Interferometric tests conducted on each of our telescope mirrors are a guarantee for their excellent quality. Unlike other tests, interferometric tests assess the quality of the entire optical surface, not just one plane or profile.

We offer to do interferometric tests as a service. Be sure to check the quality of your mirror. For now for FREE!

Some of our Telescopes

Handcrafted Custom Telescopes and Precision Optics

We produce handcrafted reflecting telescopes and optical mirrors since 2006. We are not a mass producer of common products; we only make a limited number of orders. This is because we complete them to the highest standards. The amount of time and effort we put into hand crafting every piece, both for our optics and the frame, is what allows us produce telescopes of excellent quality. All of our products, as well as our finished telescopes, go through a number of quality assurance tests, to guarantee an unforgettable viewing experience. Our telescopes and mirrors are intended for those who appreciate high quality and precision craftsmanship.

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