Who really is behind Astroreflect?

We would like to share with you who really is behind Astroreflect: Ivan Trifonov, Yordan Trifonov and Yordan Stoykov . We are three enthusiasts in  observational astronomy and the technologies surrounding it.

Our passion for the stars, which started in our school days, later pushed us to try and find the best ways to explore, view and share them with others. The stars have revealed to us a different view of our world, one that many don’t know much about, despite the fact that it has always been there.

All three of us have an engineering degree which helps us with the realisation of our telescope projects, including designing and making the optics and mechanics.

Our first attempts started when we were students, whereas the first real projects we realised were in 2006. The following years, improvements to each element of our telescopes was what we were passionate about.

What makes us unique are our goals – to achieve the best optics and telescopes, so that can be used by astronomy enthusiasts anywhere with accessibility and ease. Mobility is some that’s really important to our clients, that is why we try to maintain a close contact with every customer during each stage of the process. In the early years we created a lot of projects for ourselves and friends.

Later on, we decided to do this as a profession by offering custom-made high quality telescopes and optics for all who are interested in astronomy all over the world.

Some of our bigger customers are: Telescop ServiceNoctutec, TecnoSky, Artesky, Astroart and many others.