Posted By: Tsvetan Georgiev (tsetsodrums)

Tsvetan Georgiev (tsetsodrums)
I stayed up night thinking about the new toy I had, and the feeling was wonderful. The guys at Astroreflect had really given me a piece of themselves, and I felt as though I had something, which I would not only use as an item but rather take care of as though it was alive. I hope everyone can experience something similar one day. Words won’t be enough for me to express my happiness and gratitude!
Last night I took out the red beast for the first time at my house!I managed to put it all together in about 10 minutes (I’m still not used to it, so I imagine in the future it will take me no longer than 5 minutes).
I collimated the telescope with the laser collimator. This also took about 10 minutes. Then I pointed the telescope towards Rigel in Orion.
The first thing that really impressed me was how saturated the color was, like I had never seen before with other telescopes.
This continued to be the case later on in the night as well.

I pointed my 350mm beast towards the nebula Orion M42, … it’s hard to explain what I saw; honestly, it can compete with some of the best pictures I’ve seen of Orion!! The first thing that really struck me was that I could see color!! The middle part of the star cluster, around the stars, was glowing blue and on the outskirts had transitioned to a brow yellowish color.
The depth of the image also struck me as impressive, it was creating a 3D effect!!

I immediately became aware of the quality of the telescope I possessed! It was the first I had seen anything like it in real life, aperature is not the only important thing but also the quality of the mirror which was about 1/10 lambda!
I had the time of my life! Never in my 30 years of telescope viewing, had I seen anything like it. This just goes to show the awesome job that the guys at Astroreflect did for me! This wonderful telescope was worth every penny!

I was like a kid in a candy shop! Above me the night sky shined like never before and in front of me I had a killed telescope!

Date of Posting: 01 June 2016
Posted By: Tsvetan Georgiev (tsetsodrums)
“Stellar society”, Sofia