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Posted By: Hector

I would like to take a moment to tell you about the gathering at Krivonos. The thing that impresses me with our club members is that everyone is nice and fun to be around 😀 But let me share with you what really impressed me about out gathering. In first place I have to put Tsvetan’s telescope. It’s hard to believe such a thing EXISTS, it’s not something extremely massive and obtrusive, rather it sits there

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Tsvetan Georgiev (tsetsodrums)

Posted By: Tsvetan Georgiev (tsetsodrums)

I stayed up night thinking about the new toy I had, and the feeling was wonderful. The guys at Astroreflect had really given me a piece of themselves, and I felt as though I had something, which I would not only use as an item but rather take care of as though it was alive. I hope everyone can experience something similar one day. Words won’t be enough for me to express my happiness and gratitude!

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